Did you know that if you have a garage door that is a little more than 20 years old, you are running a security risk for your home? There are some of these automatic garage doors that were made in 1993 and before, and they are still being used in many homes around the United States. The problem is that many of these doors have a very old mechanism that is used to open and close the door from the outside. The signal can easily be picked up by a transmitter.

The signal for these older doors just does not work with modern security systems. You are running a huge risk of someone being able to open up your door and get into the garage. And depending on the type of house, they may even have an easy entry into the house through the garage. They can get into the garage while you are away, and then stay in there and try to break into your house through the entry door. No one would even know they are present. That is what is so scary.

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That is why you have to avoid repairs for some doors. It is tempting to just get a garage door repair omaha ne for your older door. But if it is automatic and it was made before 1993, it is time for a change. That is what you will have to do, and there is no doubt about it! But that does not mean you are in a bad position. You can talk to the same company that does repairs, and they will tell you all about the doors they can get installed for you. Typically, companies handle both repairs and new installations.

They can walk you through some of the top doors they have in the automatic section. You will see how much better and more secure these doors have become. And when you get a new door from a top company, you will know that you can contact them regarding garage door repair Omaha NE at any time. They will most likely give you a very long warranty on the sale too. That means if you ever have any issues with the door for the next five to ten years, you will be paying nothing or next to nothing to get it repaired. That is the type of deal you cannot avoid! It will be great for you!