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Why I Decided to Buy YouTube Views

I love sports.  It really is the one thing that I enjoy talking about more than anything else.  Because of this, I recently decided to begin a YouTube channel so that I could make videos where I simply talk about the different opinions I have about different sports.  Of course, when I did this, I never expected to be able to make any sort of money off of it.  However, after I started to gain a little bit of popularity, a friend of mine told me that I probably ought to monetize my videos so that I could earn a little extra cash.  Of course, my channel had not yet become popular enough for the money to start rolling in.  That was when I decided to see if there was anything else that I would be able to do in order to bring in some cash.  I found a site that allows you to buy YouTube views, which is something that can definitely help to make your content more popular.

I decided to go ahead and buy some views and see if it would turn out to be a good investment.  At first, I did not earn more money than I had invested in the views.  However, over time, I began to get more and more views organically, as YouTube was seeing that my videos were popular, and so they were becoming suggested to more and more people who like videos about sports.  After a few months, my list of subscribers began to grow and grow.  The other week, I finally hit one thousand subscribers on my channel, which means that all of my videos are going to start getting a whole lot more views.  Basically, the more subs you have, the more people will be there to see your videos, as they will get notifications when you upload one.

buy YouTube views

My channel is still growing, but I understand that this whole process takes a little time.  I am hoping that my investments in buying YouTube views for my videos will end up paying off in the long run by allowing me to get thousands of views on each of my videos.  My goal is to eventually be able to simply make YouTube videos for a living instead of also having to work a day job.  There are many people out there who have been able to do this, and I believe that my content is good enough for me to be able to do the same.

I am still making content that I believe is of high quality, and I am hoping that the subs will keep rolling in.  Eventually, I ought to be able to make a living off of my YouTube channel.  There are a number of channels like mine who have been able to find success, so I am hoping that I will be able to reach a point where I will have enough money coming in to make this my job.