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What to Look for When Shopping for a Ukulele

When it comes to shopping for a ukulele, it’s important to keep in mind the difference between affordable and cheap, especially when it comes to the overall quality, performance, and craftsmanship. You also want to consider the playing level of the person who will be using it. This is the perfect instrument for young children who are interested in the guitar to get started with.

The uke is a favorite for many music lovers all over the world. This instrument comes in a variety of sizes, such as the soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. They are typically made of koa, mahogany, and spruce but can be made of other hardwoods.

The kind of ukulele you choose will depend greatly on the purpose it will serve such as for personal entertainment or for concert play. If you are just starting out, you wouldn’t want to purchase an expert ukulele. You also want to make sure you aren’t getting a poor sounding instrument either.  


The most common size ukulele is the concert, mainly because this is the size of choice for beginners. The smallest size is the soprano, and the largest is the baritone ukulele. The size of the instrument affects how it sounds.

Aside from the size, you will also have various shapes to choose from. The figure 8 uke is the most common shape, resembling that of a small acoustic guitar. The pineapple uke is just as the name suggests, a pineapple shape and tends to be larger. Lastly, there is the banjo ukulele. This is shaped like a banjo and tends to have a louder more distinct sound than the traditional version.

Just like the guitar, a ukulele comes in acoustic and electric. The electric uke is most commonly used by those looking to perform in front of large crowds. The electric version also requires more maintenance than the acoustic ukulele.

There are many accessories to choose from for your ukuleles such as tuners, straps, and cases. Tuners display pitch, so you can accurately tune the instrument without the need of hiring a professional.  

All instruments are advertised to be the best on the market, but few really are.  With a good understanding of the various sizes, shapes, and sound of the ukulele, you will have no issues finding the perfect one for you or for someone you know as a gift.