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Not quite open cards but it’s a fair chain of events that unfold when you go blockchain gambling.

If you are already a seasoned gambler then you know the feeling. At some stage of your five card or poker game, you feel almost certain that you can lay your cards out on the table and make the call. Only to find that someone else around the table has had an ace up his sleeve all of the time, if you excuse the pun. In fact, no excuse is necessary. This is the name of the game. And sometimes they even cheat the system.

Those of you who have never cheated a day in your life may still be wondering just how ‘they’ manage to get it right. There is no way of proving this, but online systems can also be manipulated in favor of some. Or if that is not the case, the online gambling center has a system in place that always allows it to come out trumps whichever way the wheel spins. All that has been said so far has been in layman’s terms.

Those readers venturing into online gambling for the first time ought to be a tad careful before swiping their charge, credit or debit cards through the purchase filter, free bonuses notwithstanding. Now, Ethereum’s blockchain gambling emporium is never a case of placing all cards out in the open, but yes, luck is still required. But in the event, the chances of those who place bets through Ethereum’s EtherSpin are now better than even.

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Read on then if you remain unconvinced. Ethereum’s EtherSpin uses decentralized software and hardware applications to enable the process of all bets being placed through the Ethereum blockchain to be fair. It does not matter who you are, everyone that places a bet through EtherSpin is being given the same treatment. Everyone, even you, is being treated equally and fairly, even though you are all being checked out.

It is not quite the same as the bank checking out your credit history before approving your loan or credit application, but checks and balances are in place to sift through your collected data through the blockchain system. An algorithm known as SHA256 processes all incoming data before EtherSpin allows a bet to be passed. Any bet identified as inauthentic and invalid through this algorithm is automatically disqualified, thus giving all remaining authentic bets a better than even chance of winning.